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Half the fun of craft beer culture is trying new things just to see how they taste. We speak with experts about how to get the most out of every pint.



Feb 20, 2020

There's too much going on in the Upstate N.Y. beer scene to fit into one show. Instead, beer writer Don Cazentre focuses on the Finger Lakes as a destination and talks about how the Empire State re-invigorated its craft beer boom.

About the Guest:

Don Cazentre is a veteran journalist who has been writing about beer and...

Feb 20, 2020

Owner of the Utah Beer Blog, Mike Riedel talks about how the craft beer scene has exploded in Salt Lake and beyond in the last few years.

About the Guest:

A Salt Lake City native that blames his wife for his craft beer spiral. He began writing about the Utah Craft Beer scene in 2005 as a therapeutic way of spreading the...

Feb 13, 2020

When you're a travel writer and a beer drinker, there's always an opportunity for a story. When Karen Asp travels for fun or on assignment, she makes it a point to add the brewing scene to enhance her experience. In this episode, she talks about navigating the Alaskan beer scene. 
About the guest:
Karen Asp is an...

Feb 6, 2020

Plugging into a beer scene also tends to mean having a handle on food and other attractions, and SA Beer Magazine founder, Harrison Civick has been doing both for years. In this episode, he talks about the best ways to approach the San Antonio craft beer scene. 

About the guest: Harrison Civick is the Founder &...